Diy My Design provides professional, pre-designed templates, in editable formats, which are easy to use and personalize.

Business document templates; stationery templates; admin templates; invoice templates; gift voucher templates, custom order forms, letterhead templates; print-ready business card templates; print-ready marketing templates, such as flyer templates and more (coming soon); payroll templates, profit and loss summary templates; CV templates, resume templates, and cover letter templates, we have them all!

We’re also only getting started and plan on adding templates regularly! You no longer need to be a a designer or have expensive software to have a professional, personalized document for your brand or business!

Modern Design.
Simple to Use.

  • Is your CV or resume looking a bit bland and not getting the attention it deserves from potential employers?
  • Have you just started a new business or are you embarking on a new journey as freelancer?
  • Have you got an existing business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck, because we have just the right professional business templates to get you on to the right path!

We have all the CV and resume templates to help you land that dream job, and all the main document and stationery templates you will need to get your new business or venture started.

Professional invoices, print-ready business cards, letterheads, quotation forms, and more. Just upload your own logo and edit away, simple as that!

Our modern editable templates are easy to use and customize. No need to be a designer or spend a lot of money getting your brand image right.

The best thing about our business documents, stationery, admin, and marketing editable templates, is that you will find it all in one place as part of a bundle or individually.

Job seekers have an excellent screening success rate when using our professional template designs for their job applications.

No need to scour the internet looking for different templates with different designs which lack the quality and uniformity you need when presenting your business.

diy my design

Our goal is to bring you great value, professionally designed templates to get you on the road to success! The best part is that our templates are so easy to customize that anyone can do it!

Modern, blue, green and white CV template.
Modern, black and white CV template
Modern, plum and white CV template.

Diy My Design – Pre-designed business templates – Our story and company

All of our document templates are designed by our in-house creative team coupled with extensive business experience. Browse our collection of templates here.

For years, our creative team had been designing professional, bespoke business document and resume designs for clients (always with amazing feedback).

The only thing our clients wished they had, was the ability to amend their own content using a pre-designed template. They kept requiring further bespoke design work just to keep their own business document updated.

We then set out to create pre-designed templates for print-ready business cards, business documents, invoices, credit notes, custom order forms, gift certificates, stationery and marketing documents, resumes, cover letters etc. which anyone can easily fill out without any hassle. Simply download your template and start editing. This is what brought Diy My Design to fruition.

We offer instantly downloadable, easily amendable, professional pre-designed templates for business and personal use. Get our templates for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke job, without the need for additional amendments, since you can simply do it all yourself!

We have designed our documents in a user-friendly way so you don’t need to fiddle around in order to have a modern and stylish document. We offer templates in variety of formats to suit your needs – giving you the ability to edit and customize your business template with ease.

Our templates are of a high quality and are designed with attention to detail to ensure you find them extremely easy to use without compromising the design and style.