5 Key Advantages of using Customizable Templates for a Small Business

5 Key Advantages of using Customizable Templates for a Small Business

5 Key Advantages of using Customizable Templates for a Small Business

Customizable templates have evened the playing field for many small businesses around the world. A business of any size can now design their own branding, or develop their own website, without having to hire expensive designers and developers.

Virtually anyone can now affordably brand their entire business themselves or build their own website on WordPress using themes and customizable templates which are ready-made and pre-designed for convenience.

Listed below are 5 key advantages of using customizable templates for your small business:

1) A Strong and Professional Brand Identity

A business without a professional brand identity is a business without credibility and recognition.

Brand familiarity is vital for your business! When faced with a vast array of choice from a sea of competition, your customers will naturally trust and gravitate towards brands which they are familiar with.

In order to gain consumer trust, you will need a professional brand identity which portrays a strong, unique, and professional brand message in order to evoke intended emotions from your potential customers, and help your business stand out from your competition.  

This can be achieved by using a unique and personalized design style for your business, website, and social media presence, which includes a professional logo, font type, professional banners, packaging design, colours etc.

Diy My Design provides affordable yet high quality branding, marketing stationery, admin, social media, website banners, and product label templates which you can use for your business.

Using these pre-designed, editable templates, you will be able to create and portray a professional, personalized brand image which your potential customers can trust and become familiar with.

2) Brand Uniformity

It is important for a small business to maintain brand consistency and uniformity in every aspect of the business, in order to stand out, and for your customers to identify with and remember you.

This means you need to use the same consistent brand design style across your product range, marketing collaterals, social media presence, websites, business stationery, and documents, so that your business sends out a consistent brand message which potential customers can relate to.

Diy My Design offers your business brand uniformity by offering matching designs across many different business templates. This allows you to portray the same brand message consistently and professionally across every aspect of your business.

3) Saving Time and Money

One of the key advantages of using customizable templates for your business, is the amount of time and money which you save by not having to hire expensive professionals for all of your design or website needs.

With a custom website, for example, you need to build the website from the ground up, which can take a substantial amount of time and money to do so.

If you are not a technical person, it would also be exceedingly difficult to create and design a custom website yourself, without hiring an expensive web designer or developer.

The solution is to choose and purchase a ready-made website design theme, which is a pre-designed website skeleton template that you can customize yourself, and which serves the needs of your business.

For our ecommerce website, Diy My Design, we use Shopkeeper, which is one of the best-selling customizable WordPress theme templates for Woocommerce.

This theme is easy to set up, comes with a great design and powerful extended functionality for an online store.

4) Helps you Capitalise on Trends

Design and technological trends come and go, so it is up to you to keep your brand fresh and new in the eyes of your potential customers. This means that your business branding and website design and functionality should evolve with the times.

Now, this could be a costly and time-consuming affair if you were to hire a professional each time you wanted to alter your brand design or upgrade your website.

Again, the solution to this is ready-made, pre-designed, editable templates.

For your design needs, you can purchase new template designs or customize your existing templates.  

The beautiful thing about using website design themes, such as Shopkeeper, is that website themes are constantly updated by their developers, so that the functionality of your website is constantly kept up to date.

5) Leave a Lasting First Impression

A small business with a strong brand identity, and a professional looking website, is going to instil trust, credibility, and appeal when customers are shopping around.

Have you ever visited an ecommerce website which looks downright amateurish and badly designed? Would you buy their products and services?

Impressions are usually made in the first few seconds of people interacting, so why would this be different for your small business and website?

The catch-22 is usually the costs involved. A small business might not have the same resources compared to a large company, when it comes to creating and maintaining a strong brand identity and a well-designed website.

Pre-designed customizable templates and themes have changed the game by lowering the barriers to growing a strong brand identity. Even the smallest businesses are now able to affordably portray a professional brand image and offer a professional business website without the need for expensive developers and designers.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement of website-building platforms, such as WordPress, anyone is now able to easily create their own website using various plugins, themes and customizable templates.

This coincides with the fact that there has never been a better time to start an online business, so it is amazing that the process has become user-friendly for the every day person.

The same goes for design. Online editing platforms such as Corjl have made it easy to customize your own business templates using any browser, on any device.

You only need to purchase a professional, customizable template from Diy My Design or our Etsy store, and you can edit your templates directly on Corjl.

Customizable templates and themes are revolutionary, because not only are they convenient, easy to use, and affordable, but they enable small businesses to grow and establish their brands, instilling a sense of trust, credibility, and familiarity in the market place.

**Disclaimer: Diy My Design personally uses any service, template or plugin which we recommend, and would never recommend a service which we don’t have experience using ourselves. We also would never recommend a service which we don’t prefer using. Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things honest and balanced.